Campaign Kickoff Event was a Great Success!

I was incredibly gratified by the turnout at my campaign’s official kick-off last Friday night.  Over 140 people attended the event hosted by Shama Misewala, Madhavi Sunder, Alicia Sullivan, Alicia Silva, and Andrea Chandrasekher.   The energy and enthusiasm were contagious!  Senator Lois Wolk graciously introduced me to the attendees.  Current Davis Mayor Dan Wolk, currentRead More »

It is official “Bob for Davis School Board”

Bob Poppenga, a faculty veterinarian and animal and food safety scientist at UC Davis, is announcing his bid for a seat on the Davis school board in the upcoming November general election.  He ran for the board in November 2014, finishing fourth with 14.7 percent, just missing a spot on the board as the topRead More »

The Importance of the Parcel Tax for Our Schools

I have served on the DJUSD Parcel Tax Oversight Committee for the past two years. The Committee is charged with ensuring that the District spends parcel tax monies in accordance with the wishes of the Davis community as outlined in the voter approved ballot measures. The Committee recently verified that the District was spending parcel tax moniesRead More »

Quality Preschool for All Children

A quality preschool learning experience for all children is critical to closing the achievement gap.  In Yolo County it is estimated that 41% of three- and four-year-old children do not have a preschool experience before starting Kindergarten (interestingly, it was reported in the Davis Vanguard that DJUSD does not know how many Davis children attendRead More »

What do you think DJUSD’s biggest issues are?

The DJUSD, like many public school districts, has a daunting list of challenges to address.  I have spoken with many people about some of the issues facing the District and have listed them below.  As the School Board campaign progresses I am almost certain that the following will be discussed and debated: Closing the achievementRead More »

School Board Leadership

Did you know that approximately 100,000 citizens serve on school boards in the U.S.? School boards constitute the largest category of elected public officials in the country! California public schools serve approximately 6 million students and are overseen by more than 5,000 school board members. It is extremely important for community members to know howRead More »